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More on Decorative Polyester Laminate Trims

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Do you want to have that natural beauty of wainscoting for your project? Well then why not go for our pre-finished wainscoting? Our wainscoting not only adds warmth, comfort, and elegance but is easy to clean, and offers wall protection.

The polyester resin was increased by 60% to give a much higher impact and scratch resistance PUR glue. The PUR glue was used to bond the polyester to the MDF. This glue is a non-reactivating glue which creates a permanent bond between the MDF and the laminate. PUR glue cross-links with the MDF fibers and penetrates the surface, allowing for a thermally fused bond. Once the glue cures, the glue will never reactivate…even under extreme heat. PUR glue is water-proof and it is a bonus because it is thicker and harder (once cured) than standard glue. It also provides added impact resistance.

PUR glue: The backer used is a 6mil cotton backer that is impregnated with polyester resin and is thermally fused. For our application, the backer has been thickened from the standard wrap grade backer of 5mil paper-back for better impact resistance on the finished product. Polyester laminate wrapped on NAUF MDF will most definitely pass E1 emission tests. This test is for harmful off-gas and added formaldehydes. For LEED credits the polyester laminate can be custom applied to NAUF MDF if specified.

GREENER than vinyl as vinyl is plastic (PVC) and cannot be incinerated and does produce harmful off-gas (example: chlorine and etcetera). GREENER than solid wood and uses far less trees to produce a comparable size moulding (with MDF and paper based laminate). For larger volumes, there are no limitations as far as trim or panel sizing and we offer any size or finish that Tafisa’s does. For applications less than 5,000 square feet, we stock Cherry Blossom, Tuxedo, and Prestige Maple. We expect to offer Poplar White as a standard color in the near future.

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